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 Twilight Page 224

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November 13-15th

Hello Twilighters!


Alright here we go...   MTV has another interview with Catherine Hardwicke, make sure u check it out.

Empire Magazine has posted a preview of their Twilight photoshoot as well.

Yahoo! has a Twilight holiday movie guide and Stephenie Meyer has been listed as an entertainer of the year on Entertainment Weekly,  Congrats Stephenie!!!

Apparetnly, Seth has posted some pictures from InStyle Magazine's Twilight photoshoot on Stephenie's site ( www.stepheniemeyer.com.)
Reelz Channel has posted an interview with Stephenie Meyer thats is amaing!

Well add more later, thats all for now, sorry were in a bit of a rush

Love Bella



November 12th

Hello Fans "Twilight"

Hot Topic has another announcement about a new Twilight Tour Event in Hollywood with Taylor Lautner, Nikki Reed, Kellan Lutz and Jackson Rathbone!You can  Click here for more information.



http://www.vanityfair.com/culture/features/2008/12/twilight_outtakes200812, There are a bunch of new pictures with Rob and Kristen and they rock!!!

Sci Fi Wire has  posted an interview with Catherine about the stunts in the Twilight movie, which bye the way is coming out in just a handful of Days!

Now LA Times has an interview with Peter Facinelli.

And finally, Kellan Lutz was on KTLA 5 morning news. Click here to check it out!






November 10th and 11th

Hey Twilighters

For Twilight Tuesday, MTV has an interview with Kristen Stewart plus an article about the movie spoiler special here

Collider has interviews with Stephenie Meyer, Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, Peter Facinelli, Cam Gigandet, and Taylor Lautner( wow thats a mouth full!!!)

Access Hollywood has interviews with both Rob and Kristen.

Entertainment Weekly has nore of thier interview with Rob Pattinson put up.

tMF has an article about fans "Robession."

Thanks to Edwards Meadow, we have gotten a heads up about an amazing opptotunity for you all!

Starting tomorrow, the Twilight Saga Wiki will be having a Twilight scavenger hunt:
Bella and Edward have gone missing. Use the clues scattered through the Twilight Saga Wiki to find them and win a custom skinned Twilight Ipod

Entertainment Tonight has a gallery of "The Men Of Twilight." And i must add... its amazing!

Also KomoNews.com has an article about the Seattle Twilight Tour event tonight.

Sci Fi has posted interviews with Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart.

LA Times has posted an interview with Kristen Stewart as well.

The LA Times also has an interview with Rob that you need to check out as well.

Reelz Channel has an article about "10 things parents should know about Twilight." They also have an interview with Edi Gathegi here.

And Finally,
Variety has an interview with Catherine Hardwicke about female fans Twilight obsession!!! Just to give you all a little hint... ITS HUGE!!!

Thats all for today Twilighters, love you all!

Love Bella



November 9th

Hey Everyone "Twilight"

You can go to Market Watch , where they talk about money for the Twilight movie.

There are seven new official movie stills and we love them!!!Click here.

For all you Rob fans (who isnt?!) Extra is asking "Robert Pattinson: The Next Brad Pitt?"
There are some new EW outtakes of Rob and Kristen, and you cancheck them out

Also, Rob will be a guest on the Ellen DeGeneres show on November 21st. Dont forget to watch it!
11 days everyone!



November 7th and 8th

Hey Twilighters,

Ok, MTV will be showing Twilight movie spoilers on November 14th. You can Click here for more information on this upcomming event.
According to
Austin Film Society, Catherine Hardwicke will be attending a showing of Twilight in an IMAX theater in Texas!
Collider.com has an article about the Twilight movie's profits.

And apparently, Geeks of Doom have posted information about the Borders Twilight parties on November 15.

There are two other EW Twilight covers taht have been released! You can see the second one with Kristen and Rob on Stephenie's site. You can see the third one with just Kristen Stewart here.

Thats all for now Twilighters




November 5th and 6th

Hello Twilight Fans, 15 days left!!!

Seventeen has posted an interview with Jackson Rathbone while the LA Times has posted an interviews with Catherine Hardwicke and Robert Pattinson.
People Magazine  has an interview with Robert Pattinson.

Entertainment Weekly has posted part 1 of an interview with Robert Pattinson. You can also read EW's interview with Stephenie Meyer here.
The Virgin Megastore in Times Square (NYC) currently has the ORIGINAL Twilight Movie Costumes on display. The costumes will be in the store for a limited time, so go and check them out
(Virgin Megastore Times Square  1540 Broadway  New York, NY 10036.)

Entertainment Weekly has a list of 12 things that inspired Stephenie Meyer for Twilight!

Vampires and Slayers has posted an audio interview with Melissa Rosenburg.
EW has also announced that there will be three collecter's editions of EW featuring Twilight. You can see the first cover  which featuresRobert Pattinson here and you can comment about the cover here.
Teen Vogue also has some more short interviews with the cast here.
Thats all for today,
Love Bella



November 4th

Hey Twilighters,

 USA Today is going to have an interview with Kristen and Spunk (Rob), and they want your questions.

Registration is open for Summer School in Forks: A Twilight Symposium. Click here to enroll.
More information about the Twilight tour has been released on Hot Topic.
E Online is asking "Are You Ready for More Twilight?"

TwiCon has announced that there will be a Volturi Masque Ball.

Have  a god day Twilighters




November 3rd

Oh my goodness TWILIGHTERS!!!

Ed and I are soo sorry about not updating lately! Its been so crazy and hectic the past week but were back in action now so no need to worry! Wow theres so much to catch you all up one!

Well first of all...     The Twilight SCORE soundtrack will be released on December 9th. You can pre-order it on Amazon.com.
Rob and Kristen are featured on the cover of
Inspire Magazine, and they have an interview with Edi Gathegi as well.
Rob is featured on the cover of
Portrait Magazine, and its amazing!
If you live in the UK, you can enter to win 1 out of 10 pairs of tickets to see the Twilight movie.
Click here to enter.
Entertainment Weekly is going to have an interview with Robert Pattinson, and they want you to submit your questions for him. I know we've got a ton! They are also want questions for an interview with Taylor Lautner, go here.
Hot Topic has a new Twilight shirt and bag.
NY Times has posted an interview with Melissa Rosenburg and Catherine Hardwicke.

Stephenie Meyer's site has been updated with a very special surprise! Hurry and check it out!

Meet Rob Pattinson & Director Catherine Hardwicke!
On Monday, November 3, at 8:30pm, Rob Pattinson and Catherine Hardwicke plan to answer fan questions in person at the Apple Store in SoHo, New York.
If you live in the local New York area, be sure to stop by and meet the director and actor."

Now, if you buy tickets from
Fandago, you get a free iTunes download of Bella's Lullaby (Remix)!
Entertainment Weekly has a video of Catherine Hardwick and Carter Burwell working on the music for the Twilight movie.
You can now listen to samplers of the songs on the Twilight soundtrack on
LA Times has a new Twilight article.
Kristen Stewart is featured in the fashion blog of
Teen Vogue and its pretty cool.

Entertainment Weekly has a gallery of some pictures of Rob, Kristen, and Taylor.
Stephenie Meyer's site has been updated with some news about the Twilight soundtrack.
Zimbio has pictures of the Rome Film Festival, hope you enjoy them!
LA Times has posted an interview with Robert Pattinson as well.

The Twilight Saga has posted an exclusive first look at the cover for 'The Twilight Saga: The Official Guide'


Twilight Fan Trips now has a Twilight Red Carpet Event and and Podcast Trip.
Borders has announced that they will be hosting Twilight parties on November 15th to get ready for the release of the Twilight movie. Click here to find out more.
Entertainment Weekly has posted their review of the Twilight Soundtrack.
There is a new picture of Rob, Kristen, Cam, Taylor, and Rachel.
Click here to see it. 

 Yahoo! has a list of the best fall movies for TV lovers, and Twilight is on the list.
LA Times has "before Twilight" and "after Twilight" pictures of some of the Twilight cast members!

Thats all for today! Have a good one, Love Bella




October 26 and 27th news
Hello Twilighters "Twilight"
You can now purchase cardboard standees of the actors from Twilight!

You can purchase them
You can see the first TV spot for Twilight on Fandago, and it has a bit of new footage!
Also, Rob went to Mexico, and here is a YouTube video of him presenting the Twilight trailer:

You can also see pictures of his visit
here and here.
Premiere.com is running a contest where you could win the Twilight Illustrated Movie Companion, the Twilight paperback, a teaser poster, and the Twilight soundtrack.
A writer for
SPIN Magazine has posted an article about how she got 'hooked on Twilight.'
The UK version of the third Twilight trailer has been released!
Click here to see it.
Here is a YouTube video of an interview with Melissa Rosenburg at the Austin Film Festival:
You can now listen to Go All The Way (Into the Twilight) by Perry Farrell on Stephenie Meyer's site! There are also stills of Paramore's music video for Decode, which will come out on November 3rd!
Lovetripper.com, a site dedicated to romantic travel, is currently running a contest to celebrate the upcoming release of the Twilight movie. One winner, chosen at random from all entries received through November 23, 2008, will receive a copy of Twilight: The Complete Illustrated Movie Companion, a copy of the Twilight soundtrack and a collector's edition copy of Twilight.
Saturday Night Magazine has posted an interview with Kellan Lutz.

Hot Topic has a bunch of new Twilight merchandise.
Film.com has announced that they are working with Summit Entertainment on a Twilight contest for next week. They also have a new picture of Rob Pattinson.
Chapters.indigo is running a contest where you and twenty of your friends could win a private pre-screening of the Twilight movie!
About.com has posted an interview with Kellan Lutz and Ashley Greene.
Robert Pattinson is featured on the cover of the latest edition of 15 a 20!

You can read the transcripts of
Robert's and Kristen's interviews, click here.

MTV has an interview with Cam Gigandet, where he talks a bit about his wardrobe in the Twilight movie.
Popstar.com has an interview with Christian Serratos.
First Movie Magazine's November edition will feature Kristen and Rob on the cover!                 

LA Times is running a Twilight poll: "What Twilight moment are you looking most forward to seeing in the movie?"
Portland Monthly Magazine has an article about the filming locations for the Twilight movie and Michael Welch Media has a video about how Mike/Mike got into show biz.

Thats all for now, Edward Cullen







October 22nd

Hey Twilighters,

We are soo sorry we havent updated the site in a few days. But me and Ed are on Fall Break right now so dont worry bout it anymore! Theres ALOT to catch you all up on. We have added a new chat to our site first of all. We have also added some new awesome pictures as well.

For all the fellow Gossip Girl watchers, who will it be? Edward or Nate? Teen Vogue is asking fans to shout out on who you like more:
  I love that picture of Rob!

Fandango has a list of the 22 fall movies that you MUST see and Twilight was on there! Click HERE to see the list.

Go to Perez Hilton to see a few pictures of Rob at the Austin Film Festival.        Go to http://www.edwardsmeadow.com/index.html to see a tape off youtube, of the Twilight exclusive shown on SPIKE TV last night.

Zap2it has an article about Taylor Lautner.

Entertainment Weekly has posted 3 reasons why Robert Pattinson should host SNL!
MTV has announced that Jackson Rathbone, Peter Facinelli and Mike Welch will be at the Twilight Live podcast! MTV has also posted an interview with Taylor Lautner where he talks about Jacob Black.
And Reelz Channel has posted a video of some of their best video entries for the Ultimate Twilight Fan contest.

FanBolt.Com is running a contest where you could win a copy of the movie companion, Twilight paperback, a copy of the movie poster and a copy of the soundtrack before it hits stores!!Click HERE for more information and you can submit your entry

MovieWeb is having a contest, where you can win a bunch of awesome Twilight merchandise!

Here's a screenshot thanks to His Golden Eyes,

Check it out, enter

Men.Style.com has an article and a video of Kristen's new GQ photoshoot, check it out!

Some of the awesome people from Hot Topic have started a new blog to talk about their favorite Twilight topics! They have a new blog weekly, and they love comments. You can join them HERE

Stephenie's site was updated, talking about the Twilight Saga box set and more!

ONLY 29 MORE DAYS EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thats all for now! Love you all!

Love Bella





Hello Fans "Twilight"

There is now an official website for the Twilight movie soundtrack! Now  you can listen to Decode by Paramore and Full Moon by The Black Ghosts on their online player.

Reelz Channel has a guide to the cast and characters of Twilight:

MTV has posted an article about the Hot Topic Twilight soundtrack listening parties, dont forget, October 24th.

About.com has posted an interview with Catherine Hardwicke
and there  is a new interview with Cam Gigandet.


October 17th





Hi Twilighters,

Stephenie Meyer's official site has been updated with various news about Twilight merchandise.
Sam's Club is selling a Twilight package for four to attend the Twilight movie premiere. This includes first class flight, lunch, luxury hotel, limousine transportation, and a chance to meet the Twilight cast, for $9,500.!
Twilight Fan Trips has some exciting news for those going to the Nov 17-20 and Nov 20-23 fan trips to see the Twilight movie.

If you buy the Twilight soundtrack on Fueled by Ramen, you also get a Paramore t-shirt and a Twilight bookmark.
, tMF has an article about the New Moon movie (NOT CONFIRMED YET, BUT WE WERE SOOO HOPING!)
Lion_lamb has posted information about the new EW covers.
Theres some new pictures from the
Twilight movie companion book on lion_lamb and here.

Also the Twilight Lexicon has posted pictures of Ashley, Robert, Kellan, and Edi Gathegi at the premiere for the movie Sex Drive last night!

Emmett Cullen (aka Kellan Lutz), spoke to MTV about Twilight and Harry Potter bands!

The November 7th issue of Entertainment Weekly is featuring Rob and more. You can go to http://community.livejournal.com/lion_lamb/2275745.html to check some out some info on it.

Thats all for now!

With Love,  Bella

October 16th






Hey Twilighters,

La Gazzetta di Forks has a bunch of new movie stills that are pretty awesome!
You can now but the Twilight saga book set at
Eclipse is on the list for teens favorite books, It's Teen Reads Week, and you can Click here to vote for your favorite books!The Twilight Saga is taking over the world! The Kansas City Star has an article about this!

Robert Pattinson will be live on Good Morning Texas November 11th, 2008!

Have a good day, Love Bella

October 15th






Hello Twilighters!

Its Twilight Tuesday, and MTV has posted an interview with Christian Serratos. Click here to check it out.

Reelz Channel has an article comparing Twilight to the TV series 'True Blood', check it out!
Hot Topic is hosting a contest. and the prize is a trip for two to the Twilight movie premiere!! EEPS! They also have a new Cullen Crest t-shirt!

Click here to see the YouTube video of Robert, Kellan and Nikki  on E! News.
Deadline Hollywood Daily and Cinema Blend have some articles about the raised chances of a New Moon movie!!!!!


Love Bella

October 14th




Hi guys,

MTV has announced that the Twilight movie's run time will be 120 minutes! Click here to read the article and they have also added a video of fans reactions to the new trailer.
 Pattinson Online has some new info on the location of the Twilight movie premiere on November 17.
And according to Edwards Meadow, Mlive.com has an article about Taylor Lautner (and his fans).
You can see some videos on Reelz Channel, entries from the ULTIMATE Twilight fan contest.
Thanks to a good friend we got to post this amazing picture!  My heart was beating so fast when I saw this. ~Bella
 Buzznet has some Twilight news. First, they have a Who is The 'Hottest' Cast Member poll that you can take here!
And they have an article about Shane Drake directing the music video for Paramore's Decode.
Plus they are having a Halloween Picture Costume contest. The winner will recieve a set of original Polaroid's of Hayley Williams and Josh Farro, from Paramore. The polaroids are taken by rock photographer Ryan Russell. You can get all the details about the contest here.
Have a good day. Edward
October 13th





Hi Everyone,

There isnt much going on today

Reelz Channel has posted up an article to the submissions of the Ultimate Fan contest which is going on now, so if you haven't submitted your work, you have till October 31st.

Im currently reading THE HOST by STEPHENIE MYER, and its AMAZING!!! I encourage all of you to read it!!!

Got suggestions for the site? Wanna send in ideas for upcomming contests or event? Or just wanna say hi? The email us at edwardstwilighters@yahoo.com  or you can check us out on FACEBOOK

Thats all for today

Love Bella

October 12 th






Hello Twilighters,

His Golden Eyes has some new movie still in their gallery and thanks to them, weve added some of the pix to our photo gallery. 
Ropes of Silicon has a new gallery with official movie stills.
Inkworks has pictures of some new trading cards.
MTV has an article about Twilighters reactions to the new trailer.
About.com has posted an interview with Kellan Lutz as well.

Summit has presented you with a promotion for a screening of the Twilight film. This means that you will be able to see the full length movie in a screening that could consist of hundreds of p

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